Wouldn't Mind EP (2008)

released June 27, 2008

all songs written by ben kilcollins
produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by ben kilcollins
at Euphonic Bumble Productions on the beaches of new england
(special thanks to ben arato and his guitar.)

1. Wouldn't Mind
2. Eloquent Speaker (whisper)
3. In My Head (inside)
4. Rain (acoustic)
5. Big White Sail

MMA Album Review


1. wouldn't mind

won't you come and stay with me
i've got the time if you would
like some company
i'll hold you til the sun comes
up and down again at least three times
i'd kiss you and you wouldn't mind
but you can't find the words that seem to mean the most
when i am still in love with your ghost 

i'd take the time to make you laugh
a smile that just won't end
i think this time we could last
i think i could be a real good
friend to hold your hand and sing you songs
hold you close and never do you wrong
but i still long to hear the words that mean the most
when i am still in love with your ghost

it just gets lonely now and then
i take a deep breath and i have to start again
i stay in this room writing line after line
hoping you will fall in love with me again

2. eloquent speaker

every time she screams
the voices always dream about
all the colors they cease to produce
don't you think i wanted this
don't you think i wanted more of you
i can't get enough

say the words
the only ones i choose to hear

state of a young girl crying
never mind the gifts brought in need
give everything and nothing
don't believe what you say
i'll do anything for you if i can find the time

3. in my head

i'd like to tell you i'm never coming back
you'd like to hate me but you can't
every day that slips from the ceiling
it makes a mess on your bed
fake lips with hair in your eyes
greens fading to red

you're not dead
but in my head

i'd like to show you in eyes of what we should
you'd like to love me but i'm just too fucking good for you
every memory that slips through your feeling
the less you roam in my head
fake lips with fear in your eyes
all alone like you began