Homegrown (2007)

all songs written by ben kilcollins
produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by ben kilcollins
at Euphonic Bumble Productions on the beaches of new england
*Grunge recorded, engineered and produced by Josh Foster

artwork and design by ben kilcollins
front picture by renee armstrong

1. becoming
2. i'm comin home
3. city lights
4. i am
5. circle of one
6. rain
7. eloquent speaker
8. in my head
9. alright
10. grunge*
11. moments with you (megs song)


1. becoming

 your virtue is only
sleeping at the foot of your bed
and i shiver under
the canvas conveyed in my head
i don't mean to question
and i don't mean to overcome
your dreams and all it's wisdom
when did it become

have your eyes just grown to heavy for you
a lie
maybe time will feel sorry for you
if i was the one in love with you
then why is it oh so silent now

your innocence is only
making a mockery of me
and i hesitate to think
of the person i used to be
i don't mean to question
where your intentions are from
your tongue that wrapped around me
when did it become

you're becoming
while i'm erasing

2. i'm comin home

never thought that i'd miss
never thought i'd be going crazy like this
falling leaves or the smell of spring
remembering all the things that should be happening
cookin up a good time with friends
i can't wait til i'm home again

where the fire's burning
and people are churning out a tune
home cooked meals hell on four wheels
can't wait to get there soon
shifting gears all those years
only stallin once or twice
im comin home tonight

city folk don't know what it's like
sittin out and watchin the stars at night
pickin rocks and farmer tans
listenin to tater tater raisin man
goin to wal-mart friday night
and a guy's night out makes everything alright

where the bbqs flames
are wicked insane and you never are alone
toolin up and down, hangin with the crowd
and the taters are home grown
shifting gears all those years
im goin home tonight

i think i'll try it again
with the flannel showin on my skin
i'll take the back roads to town
no matter where i am, i know how to get back down

3. city lights

i turn over my shoulder
it's just garbage cans and city lights
car alarms and too much time
to be thinking about you
i know you must be crying
when the snow keeps falling
and you're still trying to get back home

man these buildings sure look bare
like the memory of three days ago
snow flakes and stomach aches
just thinking about you
i know you must be lonely 
when the snow keeps falling
and you only want to forget about me

but these city lights keep me awake at night
i've got cold hands but i'm not gonna fight it
i'm not sure what to say but i don't want it to go away
so please come back and see these pretty sights
these city lights

i try to relive the moment
of our arms around a few days or so
pretty eyes and butterflies
just thinking about you
i know you must be crying
when the snow keeps falling 
and you're still trying to get back home

you know she's gonna face the night
when i go my own way